Dark Iron

Orbital Base 152

The chase after Tobias Belasco had brought Reestheus Horologium and Venris Atellus to the space station called Orbital Base 152. After a fight with some strange Xenos that where working as mercenaries for the Serrated Query known as the Kroot, Dark Eldar where also on the station fighting the Kroot. The Kroot had been hired by the Serrated Quarry, and one of them said that they had talked to the Faceless One himself.

Akirvas, a previously thought to be dead leader of the Crimson Woe, a Dark Eldar group which has harassed the Acolytes in the past, was there but had escaped before he could be questioned or eliminated.

After the second fight, the Kroot seemed more interested in eating Dark Eldar corpses then causing trouble, then disappeared when they sensed a familiar danger. The acolytes where ambushed by a xenoform Tyranid know as a genestealer, barely escaping with their lives. They where able to spring a trap on the creature, unintentionally tripping a trap the creature was laying. The creature was destroyed, but a possible second was elsewhere on the station. Both are thought to have been left by Belasco.

The station is currently abandoned save for one possible genestealer. Current situation unresolved.

Two living human women where found, along with a teenage girl. One of the women died in a cave in, the other woman and the girl lived. Both were taken to Scintilla, when the woman started to run away.



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