Dark Iron


Another killing led Ries and Venris to another crime scene. This time, the killer was still there. After apprehending him and bringing him in for interrogation, they found the location of a cultist hangout and gained another cultist prisoner. When arriving at the naval police’s headquarters in triumph, an Inquisitor that the characters have never met was waiting for Ries’ and Venris’ return, and started his own investigation. After the brief interrogation, he sentenced them for execution. They currently await trial.

The cultists worship Slaanesh. One is/was a noble and is not from the station. The other, a man with red tattoos covering his body and blue hair, scar over one eye, was the second. There was a third yet to be seen: someone of indeterminate age and sex, obviously wealthy, with jet black hair and bleach white skin. All cultists have hidden tattoos of the chaos burst and the symbol of Slaanesh.



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