Dark Iron

Port Wrath

Following their lead to for the Serrated Quarry, the characters go to the space station Port Wrath. When they first arrive they are incarcerated on trumped up charges of piracy and sent to the brig. After receiving a message direct from an astropath, they are freed and meet up with Lt. Commander Sula Prot to start an investigation into the killings of pilgrims that are making their way though the port. They connect the body to the church of the Transcendent Sun, where they meet Father Thatus Verin, and root out the heretic among their church who went by Jar. Jar killed himself instead of being turned in. The acolytes found the hotel coffin when the late most previous dead pilgrim named Con Reyis was staying, and found the coffin ransacked, but found torn up notes, part of which said “Vestra’s here.”

Afterwards an old friend of Ries, an Eldar scout, wanted to set a meeting with the acolytes and his brother, Farseer Maleyth. Maleyth confirmed that Vestra was still on the station and had Eldar soul stones.



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