Dark Iron

Trials and Tribulations

Saved from immediate execution the characters are put on trial. After presenting evidence at the first trial, a night of torture, then another day of trials, the judge’s deliberations are placed on hold for a riot taking place outside the courthouse. Varlaeu tries to execute Ries and Venris, but doesn’t succeed and has his weapon taken from him. They escape outside to see a protest, at the head is Coriolanus Vestra and Ferran Ghast. Ries pacifies the mob, then both him and Venris chase them onto a maglev train. Ghast escapes, then Vestra is apprehended at the head of the train. Vestra is waiting for them, and has several backup plans to rid himself of the characters. After the threat of annihilation subverted, Vestra walks away, pursued by the characters. Vestra starts lobbing grenades.



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