Havalir Saerton Ulbrexis

King of Sepheris Secundus, true heir to the Ice Thrown, protector of the Harrow, the Saintly King, keeper of the Star Rifle


Current King of Sepheris Secundus after the death of Queen Lachryma III. The former Queen had spent her last breath naming Ulbrexis heir to the thrown, and dispute previous rumors that they had met several times in secret, the other Barons charged that Lachryma was delirious at death and was misunderstood. This was enough doubt to give cause for a civil war, let alone Ulbrexis’ heretic status.

Lachryma had indeed decided that Ulbrexis was worth kingship after her clandestine meetings with him. Ulbrexis’ idealism reminded her of the prince consort, and leaned toward her growing disdain for the suffering of Sepheris Secundus. She knew that she would have to wait until the last moment to name him heir, or Ulbrexis’ enemies would sweep in and assassinate him before the crown was on his head. That way the Royal Scourges would have to protect him and the Inquisition would back off out of practicality. Since the Recongregators faction of the Inquisition, a group that Lachryma did not know existed but suspected something like it, would support a new King whom talked of change would cause infighting among Inquisitors. Her gambit worked.


Lord Havalir Saerton Ulbrexis of Sepheris Secundus is known as one of the greatest deviants in the recent history of the sector. He was said to be a persuasive orator and ruthless heretic who led a massive rebellion supported by countless mutants. His organization was called the Broken Chains. They killed millions of serfs, thousands of nobles, and almost brought the mining operations of the planet to a halt. At last, he was hunted down by the Adeptus Arbites and executed for his crimes.

Baron Ulbrexis was kept alive in secret by the Inquisition after the first Broken Chains rebellion. He was used to help break the back of a second, chaos based, Broken Chains rebellion. Mysteriously the Baron survived, despite orders from Inquisition officials for his execution. He escaped and gained enough power to be left alone by Amalathian influences within the Inquisition and support from outside forces.

Civil War

The civil war was swift, fought on two levels. The top level was a modern war between Royal Scourges loyal to the previous Queen partnered by Skitarii Commandos, and Royal Scourges loyal to the more powerful barons. The second part was a slaughter with medieval knights and pikeman with the occasional blunderbuss being cut down by the crack of Lasgun fire from trained modern Imperial Guard. Despite even the late adoption of guerrilla tactics and the propaganda spread of fighting against the “off-worlders”, the old powers of decadence and decay lost. After all, a serf has no notion of nationalism, one master is as good as another. Wars are for the nobility.

Havalir Saerton Ulbrexis

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