Luminous Reproach


weapon (melee)

The Luminous Reproach is an elegantly engraved power sword crafted by a brilliant weapon-smith with artistry now lost to mankind, and blessed by one of the most celebrated Ecclesiarchs in the history of the Imperium.

Damage: 1D10+8(E)
Penetration: 8
Special Qualities: Balanced, Power field, Holy weapon, +10 to hit

When used against daemons the wielder can re-roll one missed attack per round exactly as if they have spent a fate point. The results of the re-roll are final – a fate point cannot be used to get a second re-roll, though one could be used to re-roll a second missed attack.



There were once an ancient people known as the Colurn who lived upon the planet Marguthe in the Solvern System. The Colurn were crafters, skilled in millennia old methods of artifice and construction now lost to all but the Adeptus Mechanicus—and even the followers of the Omnissiah have never Even able to eclipse the Colurn’s mastery of metallurgy. The Colurn are long gone now and Marguthe is a fire-gutted wasteland. What little remains of the Colurn exists only in their works manny of which are in the hands of the leaders of the Imperium amid grace the trophy halls of the Adeptus Astartes.

The savants agree that the legendary smith —Iriactius was the greatest crafter the Colurn ever produced. In 362.M3O Iriactius brought his finest creation to he blessed by the hand of Sebastian Thor himself as the Ecclesiarch travelled about the Imperium on his grand pilgrimage during later years of his reign. Thor was well known to be reluctant to consecrate weapons, preferring to bless the warriors that bore them instead. Nevertheless. Iriactius asked to bring his blade forward for the Ecclesiarch’s consideration. Such was his fame that this was allowed and under the watchful eyes of Thor’s Space marine bodyguards, the aging smith slowly unveiled his masterpiece. As the blade came free from the cloth, the famed Imperial historian Quenilis states in his Martial Histories that, “the Ecclesiarch gasped and even the Adeptus Astartes lowered their bolters a fraction in awe.” The gleaming sword was intricately engraved with icons of the Emperor and cunningly wrought to hold the light of stars — it shimmered in the darkness of the cathedral in which they stood, throwing back the shadows surrounding the Ecclesiarch’s throne. As Iriactius presented the b1ade, Thor actually rose from his seat to step forward and take up the weapon from the old smith. As he held the shining sword aloft the Ecclestarch softly stated, “Behold, the Emperor’s wrath made visible, for you shall be a rebuke unto the enemies of mankind. I bless thee thrice. Once for your creators devoted pains, once for the fierce joy that you have stirred in my heart and once for the great deeds that you will see accomplished. I bless thee thrice and name thee Luminous.”

Thus did Sebastian Thor name and sanctify the greatest work of lriactius. a weapon smith with few equals. In the millennia since its naming. the blade more than lived up to its legendary reputation. From Thor’s hands with the blessings of Iriactius. the blade passed to Kerber Varn. in Inquisitor of the highest repute who sought to scourge Kadyx Esern, a planet overrun by daemonvessels. Against all odds, Varn was triumphant. When Vartis time in the service of the Emperor’s Inquisition drew to a close, he passed the weapon on to a colleague, who in turn put it to great use. Down the centuries the blade has come and none that have borne it have done so lightly. In 723. M39 Lord Inquisitor Esuebior of the Ordo Xenos withstood a ferocious attack by vicious Eldar corsairs, as his investigations into their doings were revealing far more than the xenos were prepared for him to learn. Though greatly injured by their poisoned blades, Esuebior fought on, eventually slaying one of the Eldar’s leaders in a vicious fight. Esuebior lengthened the blade’s name to Luminous Reproach and so it has remained ever since. In 139. M41 at the very beginning of Abaddon the Despoiler’s Ninth Black Crusade, Inquisitor Adorjin of the Ordo Mallcus came into possession of the Luminous Reproach. If her triumphs were ever made commonly known in the Imperium. she would be widely regarded as a saint. As it is, the nature of her work made her famous only in the annals of the Inquisition. Adorjin was a travelling Inquisitor, who fought her way across the Segmentum Solar and eventually deep into the Segmeinum Pacificus. Along her journey. she destroyed countless cults and dozens of powerful daemons. Indeed, the annals of the Inquisition state that so frequently did Adorjin battle daemons that a squad of Grey Knights, the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus, was almost permanently assigned to her. In 338. M41 the legendary Daemonhunter passed from all Imperial archives, Inquisniorial or otherwise_ Her final communique was apparently directed to one of her acolytes. A copy is held within the data-files of the Inquisition, but it states only: “I’ve found him at last. His reckoning is long overdue. How fitting that it should end near exactly where it began.” There is no known explanation for her final enigmatic remark—her confidant died in a hive riot leaving no clues as to what his mistress was referring to.

The sword was recovered by Inquisition agents with the help of Deathwatch Brother-Sergeant Agamorr, from the space hulk codenamed “the Twilight.”

Luminous Reproach

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