Dark Iron

It's been a bad week!

Venris and Ries capture Ghast unconscious, Vestra escapes, and both our heroes of the Imperium are heavily wounded. After taking in Ghast, finding a subcutaneous vox caster under his skin, the acolytes barely escape capture again by Inquisitor Varlaeu, they head for Vestra using a signal from Ghast’s vox. They find Vestra with some renegade guardsman and the Eldar. During the fight, a Chaos Marine steps in and nearly kills everyone. Vestra is heavily wounded and unconscious, the marine and guardsman are killed, and the Farseer gives the acolytes the opportunity to ask three questions in returning their sole stones.

Trials and Tribulations

Saved from immediate execution the characters are put on trial. After presenting evidence at the first trial, a night of torture, then another day of trials, the judge’s deliberations are placed on hold for a riot taking place outside the courthouse. Varlaeu tries to execute Ries and Venris, but doesn’t succeed and has his weapon taken from him. They escape outside to see a protest, at the head is Coriolanus Vestra and Ferran Ghast. Ries pacifies the mob, then both him and Venris chase them onto a maglev train. Ghast escapes, then Vestra is apprehended at the head of the train. Vestra is waiting for them, and has several backup plans to rid himself of the characters. After the threat of annihilation subverted, Vestra walks away, pursued by the characters. Vestra starts lobbing grenades.


Another killing led Ries and Venris to another crime scene. This time, the killer was still there. After apprehending him and bringing him in for interrogation, they found the location of a cultist hangout and gained another cultist prisoner. When arriving at the naval police’s headquarters in triumph, an Inquisitor that the characters have never met was waiting for Ries’ and Venris’ return, and started his own investigation. After the brief interrogation, he sentenced them for execution. They currently await trial.

The cultists worship Slaanesh. One is/was a noble and is not from the station. The other, a man with red tattoos covering his body and blue hair, scar over one eye, was the second. There was a third yet to be seen: someone of indeterminate age and sex, obviously wealthy, with jet black hair and bleach white skin. All cultists have hidden tattoos of the chaos burst and the symbol of Slaanesh.

Port Wrath

Following their lead to for the Serrated Quarry, the characters go to the space station Port Wrath. When they first arrive they are incarcerated on trumped up charges of piracy and sent to the brig. After receiving a message direct from an astropath, they are freed and meet up with Lt. Commander Sula Prot to start an investigation into the killings of pilgrims that are making their way though the port. They connect the body to the church of the Transcendent Sun, where they meet Father Thatus Verin, and root out the heretic among their church who went by Jar. Jar killed himself instead of being turned in. The acolytes found the hotel coffin when the late most previous dead pilgrim named Con Reyis was staying, and found the coffin ransacked, but found torn up notes, part of which said “Vestra’s here.”

Afterwards an old friend of Ries, an Eldar scout, wanted to set a meeting with the acolytes and his brother, Farseer Maleyth. Maleyth confirmed that Vestra was still on the station and had Eldar soul stones.

Orbital Base 152

The chase after Tobias Belasco had brought Reestheus Horologium and Venris Atellus to the space station called Orbital Base 152. After a fight with some strange Xenos that where working as mercenaries for the Serrated Query known as the Kroot, Dark Eldar where also on the station fighting the Kroot. The Kroot had been hired by the Serrated Quarry, and one of them said that they had talked to the Faceless One himself.

Akirvas, a previously thought to be dead leader of the Crimson Woe, a Dark Eldar group which has harassed the Acolytes in the past, was there but had escaped before he could be questioned or eliminated.

After the second fight, the Kroot seemed more interested in eating Dark Eldar corpses then causing trouble, then disappeared when they sensed a familiar danger. The acolytes where ambushed by a xenoform Tyranid know as a genestealer, barely escaping with their lives. They where able to spring a trap on the creature, unintentionally tripping a trap the creature was laying. The creature was destroyed, but a possible second was elsewhere on the station. Both are thought to have been left by Belasco.

The station is currently abandoned save for one possible genestealer. Current situation unresolved.

Two living human women where found, along with a teenage girl. One of the women died in a cave in, the other woman and the girl lived. Both were taken to Scintilla, when the woman started to run away.

Found Atrid Skane

Skane Found!

Current location: Scintilla

A lead at the local space port pointed to a Black-market slave trade. Atrid Skane was sold to a brothel there to a pimp named “Green Thumb” (obvious moniker). The brothel was found and the characters infiltrated it to gain access to Skane. Green Thumb kept her doped up to keep her in line. When the drugs wore off, Skane snapped out of her fugue and went on a killing spree.

Inquisitor Skane was found in a Brothel and rescued.

She ordered the characters to continue following the leads they had to find her.


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